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Rutgers new jersey jewish film festival 2003 screened monsieur batignole, gloomy sunday, strange fruit, nobodys business, the sweetest sound, nowhere in africa, a. Amit epstein, germany, 15 min, german w english subtitles christian just renovated his new home when he learns that his grandmother with dementia, greta, is dying. The final film in this years series is gloomy sunday, which will appear at 6 p. Our films for 2011 2020 brjff baton rouge jewish film. The honolulu jewish film festival programs will be rescheduled to a later date. The 34th annual berkshire jewish film festival will return on july 6, 2020. Martina kudlacek, austriaczech republicswitzerlandgermany, 2001, 103min.

Festivals mar del plata 1999 in competition, new york jewish festival 2000. The rrated film is a love story set in 1930s budapest. All film screenings, lectures, and seminars taking place in doris duke theatre are cancelled until further notice. The program includes some films that have already circulated on the festival and theatrical circuits, such as italys stylishly empty facing windows, hungarys moodily satisfying gloomy sunday. San diego this year marks the 25 th anniversary of the san diego jewish film festival. A beautiful woman, three men and a song that casts a treacherous spell over love in a murderous era. Soon war comes, and while it is well known what the nazis are doing to the jews, but laszlo, who is jewish, and has had more than one chance to escape, remains. Gloomy sunday film locations budapest forum tripadvisor. Historical events overtake erotic entanglements at a chic 1930s budapest cafe, in gloomy sunday, an intricate timejumping love story wrapped in wartime intrigue. Berkshire jewish film festival congregation knesset israel. Director rolf schubel country germany year 1999 duration 114 min. Andras, a pianist who was inspired to write the song gloomy sunday. The film lives and breathes, transporting viewers back to 1930s budapest with beautiful cinematography, a fascinatingly poignant musical component, and the most human of characters.

The illstarred affair moves him to write his only composition, the melancholy gloomy sunday, which, in real life, triggered suicides in the 1930s. Gloomy sunday 2020 east bay international jewish film festival. There will be 20th anniversary screening of the classic film, gloomy sunday. Jews of the lbc rejoice as they finally get a film fest all their own.

Czech republic 12 march 2001 european union film festival usa 29 october 2001 coachella valley festival of festivals hong kong 10 march 2002 hong kong jewish film festival france 4 april 2002 tv premiere. Jewish film festival spotlights sun valleys hand of god. The film is a haunting story of an intriguing love affair set at the outbreak of world war ii in 1930s budapest. Is the cemetry scene filmed in the jewish cemetery. Andras then composes the song gloomy sunday which sweeps the world. Its a broad romantic melodrama set in budapest before and during the holocaust, and that is not, you will agree, an ideal time to set a love story. Gloomy sunday flashes back from the 1990s to the early 1930s in the lush and romantic city of budapest, where three. Read more about gloomy sunday on internet movie database. And so it will, but not before the film transforms into a remake of schindlers list with a bitterly ironic reversal. Szomoru vasarnap is a 1999 film, a germanhungarian coproduction. The berkshire jewish film festival is underwritten by berkshire bank, greylock federal credit union, jessie and bernard wolfson family foundation, spitztuchman charitable trust, and the john bergman charitable fund. Jewish film fest regroups georgia straight vancouvers. The multiawardwinning german film gloomy sunday opens the festival. Erika marozsan, joachim krol, ben becker, stefano dionisi, andras balint.

Gloomy sunday has a mood and a magic about it that elicit emotion from the beginning and make an audience follow it down its curving and melancholy path. Historical dramas 2020 east bay international jewish. Bit by bit in swedish with subtitles is about a 25yearold obsessed with nintendo and trying to make it through passover in time for. Based on the novel by nick barkow about the song gloomy sunday, the film. It might seem that gloomy sunday begins as a remake of jules et jim, a film about a beautiful lovetriangle, bound to have a heartbreaking finish. Filmed in 1999 but it didnt really matter for this period piece. Starring are joachim krol laszlo, jewish restaurant owner, stefano dionisi andras, pianist who creates gloomy. A story of jewish partisan resistance and bravery in wwii.

The words to the song called gloomy sunday are full of despair. The magic of music, the power of love, the evils of money, and the horror of genocide are the weighty themes tackled in gloomy sunday, a moving film inspired by actual events. Is the film location of the restaurant in budapest. Will hans, who craves ilona as much as ever, save the life of laszlo, who is jewish. Gloomy sunday is a hauntingly beautiful gem of a movie, a unique blending of romance, drama, and tragedy all compressed under the relentless weight of history. When the trio goes to a movie theater, they watch a newsreel that declares that the song gloomy sunday drove 157 people in hungary to suicide in the past eight weeks.

His song of gloomy sunday is, at first, loved and then feared, for its melancholic. Popular jewish film festival returns saturday daily. Most famously sung by billie holiday, the evocative song gloomy sunday was notorious for allegedly driving people to suicide, and is the inspiration for this. The final film, gloomy sunday, a fictional drama with historical underpinnings, will be shown on wednesday, july 19. The first long beach jewish film festival will be held today and tomorrow, thanks to the support of the alpert jcc and the.

Grateful set for jewish film festival current publishing. Mar del plata film festival switzerland 16 december 1999 german speaking region hungary 6 april 2000. Exquisite, powerful and haunting, gloomy sunday follows three men who fall in love with the same woman before wwii. Based on the novel by nick barkow about the song gloomy sunday, the film examines the history of the song to see how, and why, it became known as the hungarian suicide song. Toronto jewish film festival artistic director helen zuckerman said this older movie is included because it has been extremely popular at that festival. The clients who came to the restaurant always asked for this particular melody to be played on the grand piano. The fresno jewish film series committee seeks to use the power of film and video to both.

The restaurant owner laszlo hires the pianist andras to play in his restaurant. Guests who have purchased tickets will be refunded through the method of payment used to make their purchase within the next ten business days. Gloomy sunday 2020 east bay international jewish film. A hit song during the 1930s, recorded most famously by billie holiday, the evocative gloomy sunday was notorious for allegedly driving people to suicide. The resulting song gloomy sunday is recorded and though very popular at first soon becomes feared by the. Set in belgium during wwii a jewish man, an aryan nazi, and a christian. The film is high romance, rather like those american movies of the. Although the movie centers on a romantic love triangle with tragic consequences, it has a strong history background, set in hungary during world war ii. Film gloomy sunday an intellectual restaurant owner, a mysterious musician and a fascist businessman, all fall in love with the same. Stefano dionisi, erika marozsan, joachim krol in gloomy sunday. We dont know whether that statement ever actually appeared in a german newsreel during the war. Barkow places the song in the context of approaching war and adds the tangled love story which pointedly involves a german, an italian, and a jew fighting to win the heart of a liberated european.

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